Life Sciences Venture Advisory



We are an international boutique advisory specializing in commercialization and business development strategies for innovative and disruptive healthcare technology companies with interest in the Greater China markets.


We help innovative healthcare technology companies bring their solutions to the global market, especially in the Greater China region - mainland China, Hong Kong/Macau and Taiwan.

From helping startups to become investor-ready to creating marketing and commercial strategies for the Chinese markets, we leverage our experience, creativity and network to take our clients to success.

With frequent exposure to innovative healthcare startups, we also offer deal-sourcing and due diligence services to Asian investors that are looking to better understand and invest in the highly prolific and rapidly growing healthcare technology sector.

Our operating experiences, bi-coastal presence and local partnerships enable us to be the trusted adviser for commercializing in the Greater China markets.


You are curious about China. You have heard all kinds of staggering statistics about the Chinese healthcare market. You have seen the news about explosive growth but also of various challenges and pitfalls. You have been told that doing business in China is "totally different" (and it is.). 

You want in, but you feel all sorts of reservations and uncertainties.

Regardless of how mature your company is, if you want to learn about commercializing your innovative healthcare technology in china, we can help.


Leverage our team's diverse operating experiences to ensure you have all the perspectives for a successful market entry into China.

  • If you are just beginning to think about the Chinese market, let us help you research market access conditions and regulatory pathway for your technology.

  • If you are ready to commit to commercializing in China, let us help you outline and analyze potential options for local partnerships.

  • If you are actually already commercially in China but dissatisfied with progress,  let us help you take a look under the hood and improve your market strategy in the region.

We are a group of Chinese nationals and Chinese Americans with decades of experience working for multinational as well as Chinese domestic healthcare technology companies, and we understand both sides of the equation. Let us help you navigate the waters.